At Big Oak Ranch, we offer a variety of services, customized to your desired specialty and experience level. All lessons, camps, and events are supervised by Gail Steelman, Master Horseman, and hosted at the beautiful Big Oak Ranch in Salem, MO. Feel free to bring your horse, or use one of ours. We are committed to making the horse you have the partner of your dreams. Contact us to get started!

Riding Lessons:

Let’s start from the ground up! Lessons at Big Oak Ranch start with the basics of horsemanship, and as you advance, so will your lessons, learning to apply your horsemanship skills to whatever your desired specialty. Below are our rates:

Individual riding lesson (approximately 1 hour, 15 minutes):


Group riding lesson (2+ people):


Trail Rides:

Where do you want to go? Along the sandy river bottom? Through the cool forest on a hot summers day? Through a heard of horned Corriente cattle? Come with us! Perfect for family outings, Scout troops, or just a day with friends. Trail rides are available year round, weather permitting, Tuesday-Thursday, and includes transportation from Big Oak Ranch (pick-up available for additional fee, contact us for details). Please call by 2 pm the day before to schedule. Groups rates are available upon request.

Short ride (2-3 hours, includes on the trail snack):


Groups of 3 or more? Contact us for discount rates!

Half-day (4-6 hours, includes lunch on the trail):


Groups of 3 or more? Contact us for discount rates!

Private Camps:

Are you with a 4-h club? Girl or Boy Scouts? Work team looking for a great team builder? Come out to Big Oak Ranch! All camps include private instruction, group lessons, trail time. Please contact us for details of setting up camp for your group!

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday with Gail Steelman Horsemanship! Great for kids and adults alike, every GSH birthday includes an hour* of instruction with Master Horseman Gail Steelman, fun games, and the horses to do it on!

Bay Party


Package #1 (Basic) $150
A great way for you and your friends to get started on horsemanship. Includes an hour of riding in an indoor facility for three horses and riders. Each additional horse/rider pair is $25.

Package #2 (Premium) $225
Let us take care of the party! In addition to an hour of instruction, you also get a party space decorated in your choice of colors for an additional hour. Pricing is for three horse/rider pairs, each additional pair is $25.

Package #3 (Rough Country) $375
Your job? To show up! We take care of it all, from the cake and food, to the decoration, to the memorable ride. Start your birthday with an hour in a party space decorated with your choice of colors, eating your favorite foods, and finishing up with a customized birthday cake. After that, you’ll receive instruction on horseback before setting off down the trail! Pricing is for three horse/rider pairs, each additional pair is $25.

*Each additional hour is $50

Horse Purchase Consultation

Before the purchase of any horse it is important to make sure that this animal is going to be suitable and safe, as well as meet your needs. GSH is happy to consult on the purchase of your next horse. Before making a determination of suitability Gail will assess your riding skills, and the training level of the horse, to make sure you are a good fit.

5% of final purchase price* as well as $.50/mile travel. If you are not currently a GSH student, you will be required to take a single session riding lesson in order to ascertain your riding abilities.

*waived with the purchase of a four lesson package.



Is there something we can do for you? Do you have a way you’d like to get in the saddle? Contact us and let us try to accommodate you!


2 thoughts on “Services

  1. Alta McCall

    Do you help people with their horse problems? For example we have a mare that has become extremely difficult to load. If so, how much for a consultation?

    • Hi Alta- we actually don’t fix singular “problems,” because they are rarely that. We train outside horses on a discretionary basis, the cost is $650 for 30 days. The consultation is $45/hour if the horse is brought to our ranch, if we come to you it is $45/hour plus travel expenses.

      Thanks for the inquiry!
      Allyssa D. Dudley,
      General Manager,
      Gail Steelman Horsemanship

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