Gail Steelman, Master Horseman

     Gail Steelman began riding shortly after she began walking and started training horses at 12 years old .  As a young woman, Gail left her passion for horses behind to persue a career in Nursing and raise a family it wasn’t until her children were old enough to ride that she returned to training; and soon she was taking on problem horses for friends and  neighbors as well. Gail found that the best way to help the horses she worked with was through giving their owners a better understanding of horsemanship. Although she enjoyed her work thoroughly, it soon became apparent that in order to better serve the animals and people she trained; she needed to further her education.

     Gail read and watched anything she could get her hands on, studying everything from classical dressage to roping and reining. Gail knew that she would need assistance to finish her studies. She researched many clinicians and in 2009 chose to study under Ken McNabb due to their shared background of faith, family and ranching. She received her Apprenticeship certification in July 2010. She earned her Journeyman certificate in January 2011. Just eight months later Gail Steelman was presented with her Master Trainer certificaiton. It was only at the awards banquet that Ken revealled she was merely the eighth person that he had bestowed this honor upon. Many of the horses that Gail has trained have been offered at the Diamond Mcnabb Ranch horse sale, consistantly selling in the top 10%.   During her travels with Ken, teaching clinics as part of her Master trainer certificate requirments, she realized how much she loved doing clinics and workshops .  With the support and encouragement of her mentor, Mr. Mcnabb, as well as her family; she has expanded the buisness which started as a spirit felt mission to teach children good horsemanship and safety. At home on Big Oak Ranch, Gails passion has expanded to  giving private lessons, hosting camps and doing clinics and workshops as well.

     Although Gail is well aware of the personal effort she puts into her horses and riders, she also knows that there is a Greater power at work.  A mother and grandmother herself; Gail feels that it is important to show children the gentle spirit and blessings that come from God through horses. With the help of her family and the Big Oak Ranch team, Gail dedicates two weeks of her busy summer season to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible horsemanship camps for children. Her goal is to help every horse and rider to be the best they can be, so that partnership; which is a gift from God, can be safe, happy and a blessing to someone’s life.

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